What is a French Country Kitchen?


A French country kitchen is a kitchen that resembles the look and charm of a rural kitchen in France. A traditional French country kitchen comprises of farm animal décor, natural colors, linen fabrics, and precise floral designs.

French country kitchen is a decade’s old attraction to decorators. The style has become prominent among the people of America and various other places. When it comes to the dining, serving, or cooking, a French country look is more elegant and pleasant. Particularly in cooking space, the French rural look suits the best.  Many people started to admire the French rural kitchen look.

The French country style is exposed with distinct notes of elegance and luxury. The kitchens are modified according to the latest technologies, but it should also hold the essence of French rural living.  A traditional French country kitchen usually has natural colors like mossy green and neutralized yellow.



A kitchen should be decorated with French linen fabrics that are made of elegant designs. A traditional French fabric consists of organized floral designs. It can also exhibit garden designs, historical events, and other French rural factors. The furniture designs of a French country kitchen usually exhibit carvings and designs. The designs and carvings in French rural kitchen are more detailed and accurate than typical English furniture carvings. The décor of French rural region employs a mix of quaint birds and farm animals. Farmhouse sinks and wooden or traditional stone floors can bring the look of a countryside kitchen of France.

French country kitchen usually has a rustic look. A traditional French country kitchen cabinet is comprised of decorated woodcarvings and decorative designs in the furniture. Traditional kitchen cabinets of French rural are made of woods and mild colored. They are given a rusty and antiquated look to resemble a French country kitchen. One of the trademarks of French rural kitchen cupboards is “furniture style” decorations. The design of these cupboards frequently exhibits moldings, curves, floral décors that resemble great French furniture styles.

Hardware and utensils:

The French country kitchen consists of hardware and utensils that are made of brass, stainless steel, and sometimes wood. These utensils are also made of bronze and iron. Wooden ornate utensils can enhance the French country look of the kitchen. The cabinets in a French country kitchen are usually custom made. The cabinets are designed as per the requirements of the owner mixed with the elegance of a French rural kitchen. Notwithstanding your financial plan, the French rural look can be accomplished in your kitchen by including mild colors, decorated wood and utilizing the space creatively.