5 Ways to Create a French Country Kitchen

Classic Kitchen Cabinet

French country kitchen is usually made of toile fabrics, farm animal decorations, and earthy colors. The French country style is distinct with solid notes of luxury and elegance. The French style country kitchen must feature the ambiance of a countryside living. It should resemble the beauty of French rural. Let us discuss the 5 ways to create a French country kitchen.

Rural Appeal

Classic Kitchen Cabinet:

These kitchen cabinets are usually white in color. The furnished cabinet gives a French rural look to the kitchen. Wood is the most common product used to furnish the kitchen to give a French country look. The floors are made of wood to enhance the elegant look of the kitchen. The rustic finish of the furniture makes it look like a rare piece of antique.  Floor and cabinets are painted with floral designs. The colors of the cabinet must appear soft and elegant.

Blend of various materials:

A wide range of materials like stainless steel, ceramic, old wood, and copper can be used to decorate and furnish the kitchen. The usage of different materials can likewise give the kitchen a genuine European look. A French rural kitchen can consist of a white farmhouse sink and decorated tiles. Make sure the furniture and appliances appear a little rustic to give it a French country look.


If a kitchen is required to resemble a French country look, the key is to be creative. Incorporate something that enhances the comfort and ambiance of your kitchen. It may be windows, curtains, appliances, doors, or floor, anything that enhances the look of a kitchen will work. Hanging cookware on the table or sink can be a traditional kitchen design, but it is a crucial part of a French rural kitchen look. Paint the interiors and cabinets with mild and elegant colors. Elegant lighting is required to give a complete French traditional rural kitchen look.

Rural Appeal:

The French country kitchen usually has a pastoral look.  To make your kitchen look rustic, use aged woods and handcrafted furniture. The antiquated look is crucial for a French country kitchen. Add old primitive vessels that have French fonts. A lot of décor companies provide cabinet components, vessels, and furniture with French country look.

Common tips:

Use decorated and antiquated hardware that is used in French country kitchens. Cabinets can also be made customarily as per the house owner’s wish and a blend of French country kitchen look. Wooden chopping boards and wooden utensils can be used to get a more authentic French look to your kitchen. The easy way to obtain a French rural kitchen look is to use blue and white color pattern to your kitchen.