5 Best DIY Budget Kitchen Projects

Pegboard on the wall

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about the DIY mania that has spread throughout youtube channels like the wildest of the wildfires. What is the point, one may ask, of doing something myself if I can just pay for the product I need or desire? Well, if you do it yourself you will probably save some money, and the thing, whatever it is, will be more personalized for you made it yourself, hence it will be sort of unique.

 Pegboard on the wall

But let’s talk about saving money. It is an adorable habit this one, and what could be best in daily household affairs than not spending that much money on Kitchen stuff?

1. Grow your spices:

Tired of looking for specific spices at the supermarket? Well then grow them yourself! We all have some empty plastic or glass jars and they are more than enough for us to plant rosemary, oregano, spring onions, mint, basil, parsley and others. Just imagine the pleasure of seasoning and eating your food with home grown spices. You can do that yourself, and it’s cheap.

2. Pegboard on the wall:

So you don’t have the necessary funds to build or buy a new cabinet for your messy kitchen, but you desperately need something to store the plates, forks, spoons, knives and pans that are piling up where they shouldn’t. How to solve this problem without spending too much? Easy! Put a pegboard on the wall and place hooks and shelves all over it. They’ll take care of the mess.

3. The old dresser:

If you are really short of money and really do need to solve your kitchen’s mess you may consider using that old dresser that has little use and that you were thinking about selling next summer. Just bring it to the kitchen, make the changes you think are appropriate, clean it very well, varnish it again, wait a few days and there you go, you’ve got yourself a brand new cabinet.

4. Grow tomatoes:

Yes, you can go grow tomatoes in your kitchen, or at least by your kitchen. Tomatoes are indispensable in many dishes and their prices can fluctuate more than we would like it to, but if your kitchen’s window have some space, you can grab a vase or two and start planting. One good solution is to let the vases hanging outside the window, and before going to bed you just have to remember to put the plants inside. Of course this won’t work if you happen to have a mischievous pet, but if you don’t have one of these tricky creatures you’re all tomato set.

5. Sodium bicarbonate and clogged sink:

Plumbers can cost a lot; don’t get me wrong they’re necessary, it is a worthy profession and all but sometimes they’re just too expensive. How nice would it be if, with only sodium bicarbonate, vinegar and hot water you could get rid of that dreadful clogged sink you have right there in your kitchen? Well you can, and although it’s not guaranteed success, it may work just fine and you won’t have to call the plumber and spend some hard earned cash.