We’ve got a variety of quaint pattern design doors, including polyurethane, vinyl or hand painted.To get a French provincial kitchen, we advocate matching with wrought iron basket weave manages.Glass door cabinets along with a mantle will also be fantastic features to incorporate into any French provincial kitchen.


Bring inspiration from France’s famous impressionist painters like Cezanne, Monet, and Renoir to your color schemes in your French provincial kitchen.If a color is located in France’s vibrant, joyous countryside it could be utilized in your kitchen.

Fresh & Fast with Kitchen Remodeling

Love the idea of Fresh, Clean Chairs, a Totally working cooktop and oven, Refreshing benchtops and Divided bits? … However hate the idea of eating takeout for a week or so while you are waiting for the new kitchen to be installed? kitchen remodeling is your solution, and also with all the specialist designers and organizers in Chabert Kitchens, you can possess just-like-new kitchen considerably quicker … and with the possibility of cutting down prices.


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3 Best Kitchen Design Apps for Android


Being a top designer is tough, as it is being a top professional of every field. The catch with designers is that many of them feel that’s important to follow what they perceive, knowingly or not, as the Zeitgeist which is supposedly the rules of the time they’re living, rules and guidelines that cannot be broken for they are maintained by a necessary and unstoppable invisible force that drives humanity onwards and there’s just nothing one can do about that other than acquiesce and adapt. For example, if you are a game designer and notice everyone is making open world sandboxes you’ve got no choice, you’ve got to also make an open world sandbox or at least a title that has many elements of the gender chosen by the All Mighty Zeitgeist.

 Kitchen Design Apps

Therefore, if mobile apps are being used by everyone you clearly have no choice but to use them as well. That’s why I’m here, dear Zeitgeist subject, to help you a little bit regarding apps, more specifically, kitchen design apps for Android.

Home Design 3D:

Let me start with one app not directly focused on the kitchen because, unless you are a highly specific professional, your job is to take care of the whole home, right? I mean you should be prepared to arrange kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms bathrooms, bedrooms, decks, balconies, halls, corridors, saloons, game rooms, libraries, playrooms, closets, sculleries, storerooms, service areas, basements, attics, garages and whichever rooms your client wishes you to work on.

Home Design 3D is a software that has the potential to help you during all your planning process. In fact, it can help you plan your moves carefully for you can see exactly how much space do you have, what you can do there, what you can’t do over there, what is best for that room, what won’t work in that other room, etc. It’s needless to say that you’ll have here all the liberty you require to make a good work around the kitchen.

It is a good idea to use Home Design 3D along with another app as well.

Kitchen Design Ideas:

The name of the app says it all. This is a kitchen focused software that is an excellent provider of ideas, if we take into consideration that it is a totally free app. Kitchen Design Ideas has hundreds of photos of kitchens divided in a bunch of categories that make them easy to look for. You can use it along with Home Design 3D in the following way: get some of your ideas from Kitchen Design Ideas and try to execute them in Home Design 3D with the space you have available to work on.

Planner 5D:

If you happen to have extra cash I would suggest Planner 5D. The two first apps listed here are free (Home Design 3D has things that can be bought but you can use it well without any payment) so if you don’t have much money to spend or you just don’t want to spend the money you are all set and ready to go. However, don’t forget about the existence of Planner 5D. Let’s just say it does everything Home Design 3D does, and does it way better. It would certainly benefit the kitchen you were hired to arrange.

5 Best DIY Budget Kitchen Projects

Pegboard on the wall

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about the DIY mania that has spread throughout youtube channels like the wildest of the wildfires. What is the point, one may ask, of doing something myself if I can just pay for the product I need or desire? Well, if you do it yourself you will probably save some money, and the thing, whatever it is, will be more personalized for you made it yourself, hence it will be sort of unique.

 Pegboard on the wall

But let’s talk about saving money. It is an adorable habit this one, and what could be best in daily household affairs than not spending that much money on Kitchen stuff?

1. Grow your spices:

Tired of looking for specific spices at the supermarket? Well then grow them yourself! We all have some empty plastic or glass jars and they are more than enough for us to plant rosemary, oregano, spring onions, mint, basil, parsley and others. Just imagine the pleasure of seasoning and eating your food with home grown spices. You can do that yourself, and it’s cheap.

2. Pegboard on the wall:

So you don’t have the necessary funds to build or buy a new cabinet for your messy kitchen, but you desperately need something to store the plates, forks, spoons, knives and pans that are piling up where they shouldn’t. How to solve this problem without spending too much? Easy! Put a pegboard on the wall and place hooks and shelves all over it. They’ll take care of the mess.

3. The old dresser:

If you are really short of money and really do need to solve your kitchen’s mess you may consider using that old dresser that has little use and that you were thinking about selling next summer. Just bring it to the kitchen, make the changes you think are appropriate, clean it very well, varnish it again, wait a few days and there you go, you’ve got yourself a brand new cabinet.

4. Grow tomatoes:

Yes, you can go grow tomatoes in your kitchen, or at least by your kitchen. Tomatoes are indispensable in many dishes and their prices can fluctuate more than we would like it to, but if your kitchen’s window have some space, you can grab a vase or two and start planting. One good solution is to let the vases hanging outside the window, and before going to bed you just have to remember to put the plants inside. Of course this won’t work if you happen to have a mischievous pet, but if you don’t have one of these tricky creatures you’re all tomato set.

5. Sodium bicarbonate and clogged sink:

Plumbers can cost a lot; don’t get me wrong they’re necessary, it is a worthy profession and all but sometimes they’re just too expensive. How nice would it be if, with only sodium bicarbonate, vinegar and hot water you could get rid of that dreadful clogged sink you have right there in your kitchen? Well you can, and although it’s not guaranteed success, it may work just fine and you won’t have to call the plumber and spend some hard earned cash.

5 Ways to Create a French Country Kitchen

Classic Kitchen Cabinet

French country kitchen is usually made of toile fabrics, farm animal decorations, and earthy colors. The French country style is distinct with solid notes of luxury and elegance. The French style country kitchen must feature the ambiance of a countryside living. It should resemble the beauty of French rural. Let us discuss the 5 ways to create a French country kitchen.

Rural Appeal

Classic Kitchen Cabinet:

These kitchen cabinets are usually white in color. The furnished cabinet gives a French rural look to the kitchen. Wood is the most common product used to furnish the kitchen to give a French country look. The floors are made of wood to enhance the elegant look of the kitchen. The rustic finish of the furniture makes it look like a rare piece of antique.  Floor and cabinets are painted with floral designs. The colors of the cabinet must appear soft and elegant.

Blend of various materials:

A wide range of materials like stainless steel, ceramic, old wood, and copper can be used to decorate and furnish the kitchen. The usage of different materials can likewise give the kitchen a genuine European look. A French rural kitchen can consist of a white farmhouse sink and decorated tiles. Make sure the furniture and appliances appear a little rustic to give it a French country look.


If a kitchen is required to resemble a French country look, the key is to be creative. Incorporate something that enhances the comfort and ambiance of your kitchen. It may be windows, curtains, appliances, doors, or floor, anything that enhances the look of a kitchen will work. Hanging cookware on the table or sink can be a traditional kitchen design, but it is a crucial part of a French rural kitchen look. Paint the interiors and cabinets with mild and elegant colors. Elegant lighting is required to give a complete French traditional rural kitchen look.

Rural Appeal:

The French country kitchen usually has a pastoral look.  To make your kitchen look rustic, use aged woods and handcrafted furniture. The antiquated look is crucial for a French country kitchen. Add old primitive vessels that have French fonts. A lot of décor companies provide cabinet components, vessels, and furniture with French country look.

Common tips:

Use decorated and antiquated hardware that is used in French country kitchens. Cabinets can also be made customarily as per the house owner’s wish and a blend of French country kitchen look. Wooden chopping boards and wooden utensils can be used to get a more authentic French look to your kitchen. The easy way to obtain a French rural kitchen look is to use blue and white color pattern to your kitchen.

What is a French Country Kitchen?


A French country kitchen is a kitchen that resembles the look and charm of a rural kitchen in France. A traditional French country kitchen comprises of farm animal décor, natural colors, linen fabrics, and precise floral designs.

French country kitchen is a decade’s old attraction to decorators. The style has become prominent among the people of America and various other places. When it comes to the dining, serving, or cooking, a French country look is more elegant and pleasant. Particularly in cooking space, the French rural look suits the best.  Many people started to admire the French rural kitchen look.

The French country style is exposed with distinct notes of elegance and luxury. The kitchens are modified according to the latest technologies, but it should also hold the essence of French rural living.  A traditional French country kitchen usually has natural colors like mossy green and neutralized yellow.



A kitchen should be decorated with French linen fabrics that are made of elegant designs. A traditional French fabric consists of organized floral designs. It can also exhibit garden designs, historical events, and other French rural factors. The furniture designs of a French country kitchen usually exhibit carvings and designs. The designs and carvings in French rural kitchen are more detailed and accurate than typical English furniture carvings. The décor of French rural region employs a mix of quaint birds and farm animals. Farmhouse sinks and wooden or traditional stone floors can bring the look of a countryside kitchen of France.

French country kitchen usually has a rustic look. A traditional French country kitchen cabinet is comprised of decorated woodcarvings and decorative designs in the furniture. Traditional kitchen cabinets of French rural are made of woods and mild colored. They are given a rusty and antiquated look to resemble a French country kitchen. One of the trademarks of French rural kitchen cupboards is “furniture style” decorations. The design of these cupboards frequently exhibits moldings, curves, floral décors that resemble great French furniture styles.

Hardware and utensils:

The French country kitchen consists of hardware and utensils that are made of brass, stainless steel, and sometimes wood. These utensils are also made of bronze and iron. Wooden ornate utensils can enhance the French country look of the kitchen. The cabinets in a French country kitchen are usually custom made. The cabinets are designed as per the requirements of the owner mixed with the elegance of a French rural kitchen. Notwithstanding your financial plan, the French rural look can be accomplished in your kitchen by including mild colors, decorated wood and utilizing the space creatively.